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The Legendary SSundee Quiz

Fortnite is Awesome. The Legendary SSundee is awesome. This quiz about The Legendary SSundee playing Fortnite is DOUBLE awesome!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
Minecraft | Mojang

What other game does SSundee play on YouTube?


What is SSundee's real name?


3/9 Where's SSundee from?


What military service did he join?


5/9 To which country did he move to briefly?


What's his favourite colour?


What's his least favourite animal?


What fruit is he allergic to?


What was his old group called?

Epic Fail. I'm afraid you know nothing about the (obviously not so) Legendary, SSundee. Check him out on YouTube.

Legendary Ssundee | YouTube

Unepic! You know a bit about SSundee. Why don't you try again to see if you can get to EPIC level!

Legendary Ssundee | YouTube

EPIC LEVEL. You know more about SSundee than a vicar and an ice cream maker put together! He's epic. Your epic! You should play Fortnite together and flex all over those haterz.