The Most Horrible Animals Ever With Rattus From Horrible Histories!

Prepare yourself! You're about to see five of the most horrible animals ever! Rattus, from Horrible Histories, lists the meanest beasts around!

There are some horrible animals out there... and in this video we'll show you five of the worst!

Have you ever heard of the golden poison dart frog? Or the box jellyfish? They're both pretty scary animals and once Rattus tells you about them you might not be able to forget!

There’s even a pufferfish that people eat and, unless prepared correctly, can kill you! Would you dare try this dangerous dish? Just a spoonful? No…?

Check out the video now then vote in the poll below for which animal you think is the most horrible.

Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans is in cinemas July 26th!

Which Animal Do You Think Is The Most Horrible?

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