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The Secret Garden Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Book?

It's one of the most beloved children's classics of all time - so, how well do you know The Secret Garden?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 13th 2023

Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden is a gorgeous and heartwarming classic - you've probably seen at least one film adaptation of it. But have you read the original book - and how much do you remember? Bring yourself back to Misslethwaite Manor and see if you can get the top score! If you want more book quizzes, we've got them - test yourself on the first lines of famous books, find out what kind of library you would run, or discover what you should read next!


How old is Mary at the beginning of the book?


What happens to her parents?


What nursery rhyme do the other children tease Mary with?


What English county is Mary's uncle's house in?


What's the name of Mary's servant?


What kind of bird does Mary befriend?


What's Dickon's special ability?


What is Mary's cousin called?


What brings Colin's father back to the garden?


What year was The Secret Garden published?

Oh dear! Maybe re-read the book and see if you can bring your score up?

Not bad at all! You're clearly a fan of the book! Maybe have another go and see if you can bring your score up?

Very good! You were clearly paying attention to the book! Why not see if you can make your score perfect?

Perfect! The Secret Garden must be your favourite book of all time!