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The Sims – Friends Speed Build Challenge

Can Cassie build Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Phoebe in just 5 minutes? The pressure is on!

So no-one told you life was gonna be this way… well, no-one told Cassie, at least.

Yep, if Cassie had known we were going to set her a challenge to build each member of Friends for The Sims, she might not have got out bed that morning – because not only does she have to build them from scratch, she only has 5 minutes to do it!

So will she manage to make Monica look like, well, Monica? And what about a realistic Ross and Rachel? And let’s not forget about Phoebe, Joey and Chandler! 5 minutes isn’t a long time to build 1 Friend, let alone 6!

So if you want to find out if Cassie can meet the challenge, you should watch the video!

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Ross Geller

He’s the dinosaur guy! Yep, Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer in the show, is the brainiest of the bunch, and when he isn’t hanging around in Central Perk, he spends his time hanging around with old fossils and is best pals with a monkey named Marcel. But has Cassie managed to capture him well in The Sims?

Bright, Kauffman, & Crane Productions | Warner Bros

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is the fashion-first former schoolmate of Ross’s sister Monica. Rachel ends up living in New York with the rest of the gang and after spending some time unsuccessfully pouring cappuccinos with Gunther in the world’s most famous coffee shop, she becomes a businesswomen. But does she look the business here?

Bright, Kauffman, & Crane Productions | Warner Bros

Joey Tribbiani

He may not always be the brightest but when it comes to friends, they don’t come much better Joey Tribbiani. Well, if you can distract him from meal time, that is, because if there’s one thing Joey loves more than his pals, it’s eating! And when he’s not eating, he’s acting – or trying to! So do you think Cassie made a good impression of Joey?

Bright, Kauffman, & Crane Productions | Warner Bros

Phoebe Buffay

‘Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?’ So sang Phoebe Buffay at one of her many, erm, successful performances at Central Perk. (Yep, it’s fair to say she wasn’t quite on the level of Ed Sheeran!). But there’s much more to Phoebe than mangling music – she’s also a (kind-of) successful masseuse and, of course, a great friend to the rest of the gang. But is Cassie’s character Buffay or no-way? 

Bright, Kauffman, & Crane Productions | Warner Bros

Chandler Bing

Could he be any more sarcastic? Actually, yes, he probably could, but Chandler Bing is well-known to his pals for being a fast-talking wise-cracker who has a habit of seeing the worst in everything – but in a very funny way! And alongside his flatmate Joey (plus a duck and a chick), Chandler can always be counted on the bring the lolz. But did Cassie bring the Bing to life here?

Bright, Kauffman, & Crane Productions | Warner Bros

Monica Geller

She’s the highly-strung chef who just has to have everything looking just right –make sure you don’t push those cushions out of place, Monica will go mad! But she’s not all that bad and alongside her older brother Ross, the Geller siblings made sure the gang had loads of laughs – especially when the pair resorted to one of their hilarious childhood arguments. People never really grow up, even Friends! 

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