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Arithmetic Quiz and Trivia

Mad for multiplication? Daft for division? Test your maths skills with this fiendish arithmetic quiz!


Ok! Let's start off easy. What is arithmetic?


What's 11 + 6 + 5? And unlike this beardy guy here, you're not allowed to us a calculator. Sorry. It's nothing personal.

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What are the 4 basic "operations" of arithmetic?


And what's 8 x 6? Quick!


What is this wooden thing with little beads on?


12 minus 7.Now times that by 4! Hurry!


Subtract 4 from 12. Then take that number, and take it away from the answer you gave to question 4.Then take that, and double it. What have you got?


Raoul has 6 buckets of crabs. He swaps half of them for a ticket to see Lizzo play at the Wolverhampton Hyperdrome. She cancels at the last minute, and Raoul walks home in a bad mood…until he finds another bucket of crabs in the street! What luck! How many buckets of crabs has he got now?

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What's 12 x 100,000?


Ok here's an extra tricky one. What's…..1+1+1+1+1+1+2+2+2+2+4?Times 5.

Oh no! Not into maths then? Never mind – try another quiz?

Well, could've been worse. Try a different quiz?

Good job! Maths crab is pretty pleased with this score!

Woah! High score! That's one happy maths crab!