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The British Sweets & Candy Quiz!

Find out how much you really know about sugary snacks with this super sweet candy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 5th 2022

Sweets have a long and proud history in Britain. And even if the rest of our food is total rubbish, at least we've mastered dessert! But do you know your jelly babies from your pontefract cakes? This isn't a trick question, by the way. Believe it or not, pontefract cakes are a real thing!

So, test your knowledge of Great British confectionery with these old timey food quiz questions! And if sweets aren't your bag, check out this British food quiz, this biscuit quiz, or even click here to find out how British you are really!

Righto - well let's get cracking then, sugar fans!


What's this old school British sweet called?


What kind of messages are written on Love Hearts?

@barrattsweets | instagram

What happens when you drop a Refresher in a bottle of lemonade?

@barrattsweets | instagram

What do you dip into a Dip Dab?

@barrattsweets | instagram

What sweets are these?

@barrattsweets | instagram

What do Fruit Salads taste like?

@gifrific via giphy

Which of these sweets make your tongue change colour?


Which of these isn't sweet?


What are these things?

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Why are Parma Violets controversial?

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Good job - you know your sweets!

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