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The Ultimate Cake Picture Quiz

Take this amazing quiz and see if you can recognise these cakes

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 13th 2022

The Ultimate Cake Picture Quiz

1/8 Cake

What's this cake called?

2/8 Cake

What about this cake?

3/8 Cake

How about this one?

4/8 Cake

What's the name of this cake?

5/8 Cake

This cake has a name - but do you know it?

6/8 Cake

This one?

7/8 Cake

Here's a cake. Name it.ย 

8/8 Cake

And finally - what on earth is this cake?

Awesome result thumbnail

Wow! You're a cake boss! Are you some kind of tv chef?

Well done result thumbnail

Nice one! You sure know a lot about cake

Try again result thumbnail

Hmm, you're more of a classic sponge person - but take the quiz again and see if you can get a better result!

Oh no result thumbnail

Oh no! Do you even eat cake? I guess it's a great excuse to eat some more! Try again!