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The Ultimate Captain Underpants Quiz!

How much do you know about this unusual superhero?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 4th 2017

We're all fans of the Captain Underpants books and can't wait to see Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Here's a quiz which is sure to test even the biggest fan. Are you ready?

See how many questions you can answer correctly!

1/24 Captain Underpants
Blue Sky / Scholastic

Who wrote the Captain Underpants books?

2/24 George and Harold of Captain Underpants
Dav Pilkey

What are the names of the 2 students who created Captain Underpants?

3/24 Captain Underpants
Dav Pilkey

What is Captain Underpants' real name?

4/24 Captain Underpants

Which object was used to hypnotise Captain Underpants?

5/24 Captain Underpants
Dav Pilkey

What did Captain Underpants shout at 2 robbers in The Adventures of Captain Underpants?

6/24 Captain Underpants

How does the teacher transform into Captain Underpants?

7/24 Captain Underpants

How does Captain Underpants go back to being a teacher?

8/24 A Singer sewing machine

What is Captain Underpants' cape made from?

9/24 Captain Underpants

Where do the Captain Underpants characters all live?

10/24 An American football

What is the name of George and Harold's school football team?

11/24 An American football helmet

What did they change their name to?

12/24 George and Harold's Mean Teacher
Blue Sky / Scholastic

What is the name of George and Harold's mean teacher?

13/24 Melvin Sneedly after an experiment

What did Melvin Sneedly become after an experiment?

14/24 Evil Robots
Blue Sky / Scholastic

Who do these evil robots work for?

15/24 Captain Underpants

Who is Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants?

16/24 Captain Underpants

What did he change his name to?

17/24 Captain Underpants

How can you tell Captain Underpants and Captain Blunderpants apart?

18/24 Captain Underpants

What is the name of George and Harold's comic book company?

19/24 Evil Villain

What's the name of this evil villain?  

20/24 Captain Underpants

What is the name of George and Harold's school?

21/24 Captain Underpants

At the beginning, what are Captain Underpants special powers?

22/24 Captain Underpants

Who is gym teacher Mr. Meaner’s alter ego?

23/24 Captain Underpants

What was the first Captain Underpants book called?

24/24 Captain Underpants

How many Captain Underpants books are there?

Oh dear!

Good stuff!

Great!  Which one did you get wrong? Why not have another go and you could get the highest score!

Amazing score! You ARE Captain Underpants! You must have been wearing your cape when you took this quiz.