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Get A Reaction With This Chemistry Quiz!

Think you know everything about chemistry? Then take this scientific quiz right now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 8th 2022
1/15 Rock with a goofy face on white background

Which of these is NOT a stage of matter?

2/15 Molecules with screaming pineapple

What's it called when a liquid's molecules become a gas?

3/15 Old picture of three people, with yellow arrow pointing to Marie Curie

What element did Marie Curie discover?

4/15 Glass of oil and water with derpy panda on white background

Why is it hard to get water and oil to mix?

5/15 Photo of Louis Pasteur on red spotty background with yellow arrow

What did Louis Pasteur discover?

6/15 A selection of chemistry flasks

What is H2O commonly known as?

7/15 Woman hand holding glass of cold and fresh water with ice

You've filled a glass with water and ice cubes. What will happen when the ice melts?

8/15 An atomic particle

What does AMU stand for?

9/15 A thermometer show Celsius and Fahrenheit

Who invented the Fahrenheit temperature scale?

10/15 Molecules

Hydrogen has one electron and one proton. True or false?

11/15 Periodic table of the elements

Who created the periodic table?

12/15 A wild eyed scientist with a flask of stuff

Scientists recently name three new forms of matter. How many forms of matter are there now?

13/15 A businessman or superhero?

Kr is the chemical symbol for which element?

14/15 A close up of a German Shepherd's nose

What's the main gas in the air we breathe?

15/15 Doc Brown in Back to the Future
Back to the Future | Director: Robert Zemeckis | Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures

The process of a nuclear reaction where the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts is...

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