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The Ultimate Children’s Film Quiz

Do you love kids films? Reckon you're an expert? Take this awesome movie trivia quiz and put your knowledge to the test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's do this!

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part | Rideback | Vertigo Entertainment | Warner Bros Pictures | Mike Mitchell

In The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - who leads the invasion that destroys the Kragle? 

Frozen | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Peter Del Vecho | Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

At the end of the film 'Frozen' what does Elsa throw away, which is then found by Marshmallow?

Image by Into The Spider-Verse | Sony Pictures Releasing | Avi Arad | Bob Persichetti

In 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse', what is the name of the deadly machine that Miles discovers and ultimately must destroy? 

Image by Paddington | David Heyman | Paul King | Heyday Films, StudioCanal UK, TF1 Films Production

In the film 'Paddington' what is the name of the hateful taxidermist who wants to stuff Paddington Bear?

Coco | Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios |Darla K. Anderson | Lee Unkrich

What is the name of the song that Hector wrote for Coco in the film of the same name?  


What is Dorothy told to do in The Wizard of Oz?

Image by Toy Story | Twitter

In 'Toy Story 4' what is the name of the toy that Bonnie makes herself? 

Trolls | Dreamworks | 20th Century Fox | Gina Shay | Mike Mitchell

What is the name of the mean creatures who are trying to eat the Trolls in 'Trolls' the film? 

Moana | Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Osnat Shurer | Ron Clements, John Musker

In the film 'Moana' what is the name of the beautiful Polynesian island where the characters live? 

Finding Nemo | Pixar Animation | Walt Disney Pictures | Graham Walters | Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich

In 'Finding Nemo' what is Nemo and his dad Marlin's home?

Image by Mulan | Walt Disney Pictures | Pam Coats | Barry Cook & Tony Bancroft

In the animated film 'Mulan' who provided the voice of Captain Li Shang for the Chinese dubs of the film?

Image by Snow White | Walt Disney Pictures | David Hand, Walt Disney

What year was Disney's first feature length animated film 'Snow White' released? 


Amazing! You got a PERFECT Score! Well done, you really are a film fan... As fun as these facts were they were pretty difficult. All hail, for you are without doubt the mayor of Movietown. Excelsior!


Pretty good! Though not a totally PERFECT score - when it comes to kids films and movie facts you certainly know your Gremlins from your Goonies. A true trivia titan, good job!

Back to the Future | Amblin Entertainment | Universal Pictures | Bob Gale, Neil Canton | Robert Zemeckis

Not So Hot! Don't feel bad, however - this was a pretty tough quiz! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?


Oh Dear! You're a little rusty when it comes to classic family films, but that's okay. This was a hard quiz! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?