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Look at All the Gifts on the Ultimate Christmas 2017 List!

Here are all of the toys we want for Christmas in one minute!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 7th 2017

Instead of giving you the same old list of toys you need to get this Christmas, we've narrated it as the ultimate Christmas list to Santa Claus EVER! How many toys can you fit into a minute of video? And who really wants the farting bubble blowing toy? 

So whether you want hatchimals, Airhogs Official Race Drone, Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious set, an Anki Cozmo, Fureal Roarin’ Tiger, Guardians of the Galaxy Titans 6 Pack, LOL Balls, Lava Balls, Lego Boost Construction Robot, LEGO BB-8, ALL THE LEGO, a Moon Ball, a Nerf Modulus Regulator, slime squishies, they're probably all on this ultimate list!