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Which Console Device Are You?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 24th 2022

PlayStation? Nintendo Switch? Take our highly accurate console quiz and find out which gaming device you are according to your personality!

1/12 Snakes and ladders

Pick a board game

2/12 Mouse on spiral background

Pick a Disney classic character

3/12 Smiley elf man

Pick a videogame hero

4/12 Man playing tennis with pineapple

Pick a sport

5/12 Family playing videogames together

Pick a type of gaming

6/12 Broccoli on shiny background

Pick a vegetable

7/12 Giraffe on mars

Would you live on Mars, given the choice?

8/12 Mario brothers
Mario | Nintendo

Would you rather...

9/12 Girl on tea cup ride with french dog

Pick a theme park ride

10/12 Person reading book with yellow splat

How fast do you read?

11/12 Woman floating on grey background with yellow splats

Pick a videogame power

12/12 Woman looking cold and shivering

Would you rather



You're an Xbox! You're always moving with the times, you're modern, stylish and versatile! And, you're, er, shaped like a box.


Nintendo Switch

You're a Switch! You're chill and laid back like most of your games, and you prefer world-building to shooting!



You're a PlayStation! You're the OG and everyone wishes they were as original as you!


Rubik's Cube

Oh dear, you're a Rubik's cube! Sure, you're fun, but you're not the most modern or flashy console! At least you're brightly coloured!