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The Ultimate Dogs Wearing Wigs Collection!

Dogs + wigs = 10 minutes on the internet well spent

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 26th 2018

Little Mix's new album, "Pug for Nothing" hits shelves this Dogtober!

libimposter | Flickr

Oh hi didn't see you there

defekto | Flickr

When you find granny's old photos from the 60's

ellenjo | Flickr



dragonden | Flickr

Tiny dogs need tiny wigs

rowan_ashlar | Flickr

Why the long face?

Oh yeah - because you're a dog.

patti-jo | Flickr

It's a mullet...on a dog!

kellywestmars | Flickr

Frank was disappointed nobody else dressed up for his party

dama_azul_2 | Flickr

Everyone's favourite aunties

o0o_laureta_o0o | Flickr

Is there even a dog underneath that wig?


Bad hair day?

Your Highness!

Wait a second...

Those are cats! Get out of here - this is a dog article!