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The Ultimate Dove Cameron Quiz

Take this epic Dove Cameron Quiz and test your knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 26th 2022
1/8 Dove Cameron

What year was Dove born?

2/8 Dove Cameron
Disney | Just Jared Jnr.

What's the name of the first Disney show she was in?

3/8 Dove Cameron
Disney | Youtube

What's the name of the character Dove plays on Descendants?

4/8 Descendants cast
Disney | BT TV

Who plays her mother in Descendants?ย 

5/8 Dove Cameron and Renee Fleming
Entertainment Weekly

Which West End show did Dove star in?

6/8 Dove Cameron
Pop Sugar

What name was Dove born with?

7/8 Dove Cameron
Teen Vogue

Who is Dove dating?

8/8 Dove Cameron

Which US state is Dove from?

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Wow! You're a Dove Cameron expert, well done!

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Oh no! Maybe you're thinking of Dove soap? Nevermind, try again and see if you can do any better!