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The Ultimate Elliana Walmsey Quiz

You might not know her name but you'll definitely recognise her dance moves, because Elliana Walmsey has been waltzing, tangoing, shuffling, hiphop free styling and that ballet-thing-you-do-on-tiptoes, across our screens since she was tiny! She rose to fame with her Mom in everybody's favourite talent fest: Dance Mom's. Since then Elliana's gone on to dance and act in many other shows including the awesome web-series Chicken Girls.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 5th 2023

We've not seen Chicken Girls yet but we think it's about a group of middle school friends who change into different types of poultry when there's a full moon. ONLY JOKING. It stars Elliana Walmsley so it's about dancing of course! Now we've refreshed your memory, let's see if you can finish this Elliana Walmsley quiz and get through your very own audition.

@ellianawalmsley | Instagram

Elliana Walmsey is famous for her amazing ability to...


2/12 Elliana Walmsley is from which country?


What city is she from?


Elliana Walmsley started out as a dancer on the hit TV show 'Dance Moms'. What is her Mom's name?


'Elliana's first title was 'Miss Petite Dancer America!" True or False?


She has also triumphed in 2018's International Shuffle World Championships held in Budapest, Romania. True or False?


Elliana Walmsley appears in which web series about middle school students, Rhyme McAdams and her friends, Ellie, Quinn, and Kayla?


Spot the character who has never been on Chicken Girls!


What is Elliana Walmsley's character called?

Dancing with the Stars | BBC | CBS

Who did she dance with in Dancing with the Stars: Juniors?

11/12 Two puppies

What are Elliana's dogs called?


12/12 What colour eyes does Elliana Walmsley have?

@ellianawalmsley | Instagram

Smashed It! You've got the lead dancer role in the next series of Chicken Girls!

@ellianawalmsley | Instagram

Not bad at all. Your audition went very well. Fingers crossed you get the call to be one of the supporting dancers in the show Chicken Girls. Why don't you try again to make sure!

@ellianawalmsley | Instagram

Oh no! Maybe nerves got the better of you, but you fluffed a few steps in your audition and then let off a fart in front of the casting director. Bad Audition!