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The Ultimate Henry Danger Quiz

You've seen the show - now find out if you're a superfan!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Stop chewing that gum and get answering these questions!

Henry Danger | Producer: Kim Sherwood | Nickelodeon

Why do Kid Danger and Captain Man sneak into a birthday party dressed as clowns?


What's the name of Henry's favourite band?

michaeldsee | twitter

What weird food does Schwoz like eating?


What is Henry Hart's favourite type of ice cream?

Nickelodeon | twitter

Which is of these is NOT a villain from Henry Danger?

HenryDanger | Twitter

Where do Captain Man and Kid Danger get all their gadgets?


Here's an easy one. Where does Henry Hart live?


What are Captain Man's hand grenades called?


One of these quotes is from Kid Danger. Which one?

Henry Danger | Producer: Kim Sherwood | Nickelodeon

What does Heather Bogart do for a living?

HenryDanger | Twitter

Oh no! Have another go?

HenryDanger | Twitter

Not bad - but you can do better! One more try?

HenryDanger | Twitter

Good work! You definitely know your Henry Danger... but are you a superfan? Have another go!

HenryDanger | Twitter

Woah! You really are a Henry Danger superfan! Great work!