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The Ultimate Horrid Henry Quiz!

How well do you know Horrid Henry? Test your knowledge by taking this horrid quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 4th 2023

Here we go!

1/10 Horrid Henry and his mum
Novel Entertainment

What colour are Horrid Henry's pyjamas?

2/10 Horrid Henry, his mum and his brother
Novel Entertainment

What's Horrid Henry's brother called?

3/10 Horrid Henry and his best friend
Novel Entertainment

What's the name of Horrid Henry's best mate?

4/10 Horrid Henry's messy bedroom
Novel Entertainment

What's his secret club called?

5/10 Horrid Henry and his neighbour
Novel Entertainment

What's the name of Horrid Henry's main enemy and grumpy neighbour?

6/10 Horrid Henry and Stuck-Up Steve
Novel Entertainment

Who is Stuck-Up Steve?

7/10 Horrid Henry on TV
Novel Entertainment

Which of following TV shows does Horrid Henry not watch?

8/10 A scene from the Horrid Henry show
Novel Entertainment

Which of the following is a member of Moody Margaret's gang?

9/10 Horrid Henry plays drums for his favourite band
Novel Entertainment

What band is Horrid Henry playing drums for?

10/10 Horrid Henry giving the thumbs up
Novel Entertainment

Which of the following is one of Horrid Henry's favourite toys?

Oh dear!
Novel Entertainment

Oh dear! What an absolutely horrid score. Have another go!

Good job!
Novel Entertainment

Good job! Why not have another go and see if you can get an even better score?

Great work!
Novel Entertainment

Great work! You know a fair bit about Horrid Henry, don't you?

Novel Entertainment

Amazing! You know all there is to know about Horrid Henry and his mates!