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The Ultimate Human Body Quiz!

How much do you know about the amazing human body?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 1st 2021

From the tiny form of the smallest, newborn baby to the peak physical condition of Olympic Champions, professional sports people and Beano quiz writers, the human body is a wonderful thing. we all have so much in common and yet we are also all different. How much do you know about how your body works. Do you know your glutimous maximus from your elbow? Can you identify the organ by it’s function? And do you know about the weird bits inside you that don’t serve any purpose at all?

Let’s see how you do in our very scientific Beano Human Anatomy quiz. Do you have the stomach to complete every question? Do you have the heart to succeed? And do you have the legs to get all the way to the very last question. If you like this quiz check out our biology quiz and our hilarious skeleton jokes! They’re bone-shakingly good reads!


1/20 Which internal organ in the human body is responsible for pumping blood around the body?


Where might you find your Femur?


What internal organ is this?


What bones play a crucial role in protecting the heart and lungs?


Where would you find your epiglottis?


What makes your blood red?


What do your kidneys do?

8/20 Roman solider

Where would you find your Glutimus Maximus muscle?


What is the funny bone also known as?


What do the lungs do?

11/20 Dog eating popcorn

Where would you find a cornea?


What organ is this?


And what about this one?


Which of these words isn’t a type of human tooth


Where are your patellas?


Where might you find your Clavicle


What muscle is on the opposite side of the arm to the bicep?


Which of these is another word for bellybutton?


What is the longest bone in the human body?


20/20 Which of these is a human?

You have the same knowledge of the human body as someone who has no knowledge of the human body. You might need to swot up on your Anatomy skills before attempting any major surgery!

You have the same knowledge of the human body as Frankenstein’s bumbling assistant, Igor. Try again to get a better score.

Good morning Doctor. Your patient will see you soon.

You are a master of anatomy and physiology. Have you considered a career lecturing at a Beano Town University?