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Best Skeleton Jokes

These funny skeleton jokes will really tickle your funny bone!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

These skeleton jokes are bone-shakingly funny!

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Which plant is made of tiny little skeletons?

A green tree

A bone-sai tree!

Why is a ribcage like a window?

Laughing skeleton

You can see right through them!

What do old skeletons complain about the most?

Smiling skull

Aching bones!

What do you call a skeleton with no friends?

A smiling skeleton


What is a a skeletons favourite musical instrument?

Somebody playing a saxophone

A saxo-bone!

Why did the skeleton eat constantly?

Laughing skeleton holding a huge hamburger

They never felt full!

Why did the skeleton refuse to go on the rollercoaster?

Grinning skeleton with two slices of cucumber on their eyes

They didn't have the guts for it!

What's so nice about the skeleton?

He always lends a hand!

What happened when the skeleton got angry?

He lost his head!

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

No body!

What's a skeleton's favourite ride at the funfair?

The helter SKULLter!

How do skeletons like their eggs?

Grinning skeleton wearing green sunglasses doing the Dab Fortnite dance


How do skeletons tell their future?

Grinning skull

They look at their HORRORscope!

Why was the skeleton so mean?

Grinning skeleton wearing green sunglasses doing the Dap Fornite dance

He was heartless!

Why are skeletons so chill?

Grinning skeleton wearing dark sunglasses

Nothing gets under their skin!

Why did the skeleton cross the road?

To get to the Body Shop!

How much do bones weigh?

A skele-tonne!

Why didn't the skeleton want to go on the rollercoaster?

It didn't have the stomach for it!

Why is the skeleton so funny?

He's very humerus!

What did the french skeleton say?


What do you call a silly skeleton?

A smiling poo

A bone head!

How does a skeleton get into his house?

With a skeleton key!

What does a skeleton drink tea out of?

Bone china!

What's a skeleton's favourite food?

Spare ribs!

Who is the greatest detective of all the skeletons?

Sherlock Bones!

Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

It had no body to go with!

Where did the skeleton keep his pet tiger?

In his rib cage!

How do you make a skeleton laugh?

Tickle his funny bone!

Where should you put a skeleton?

In the living room!

What did the skeleton say to the barman?

I'll have a drink and a mop!

How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?

He could feel it in his bones!

Why didn't the skeleton do any exercise?

Lazy bones!

What do skeletons take calls on?

Their mobile bones!

Who won the best skeleton competition?

No body won!

What do skeletons fly in?


What do skeletons say before they eat?


Why didn’t the skeleton play golf?

His heart wasn't in it!

What is a skeleton's favourite musical instrument?

The trom-BONE!

Why don't they play music in skeleton church?

No organs!

Why did the skeleton cross the road?

To get to The Body Shop!

Why did the skeleton quit?

His heart wasn't in it!

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