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The Ultimate Spooky Halloween Picture Quiz 2023!

Can you guess the spooky image from these cryptic clues? It's time for a Halloween picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 16th 2023

Sure, you've taken the Ultimate Halloween Quiz and feel like nothing can scare you at this time of year but can you master the Halloween picture quiz?

For this quiz, we want you to choose the correct answer to reveal the full... horrifying... picture!ย 

Have a spooky time with this epic Halloween picture quiz, and prove your knowledge of Halloween trivia. You won't find any other Halloween image quiz that's as fun as this one!

When you're done here, don't forget to check out Beano's Halloween hub - the haunted home of all our best Halloween jokes, quizzes, videos and more!ย 

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1/16 A spooky door

What's behind this spooky door?

2/16 A close up of a kitchen item

This kitchen utensil is petrifying to one particular Halloween monster. What is it?

3/16 A close up of a cat

What's this black cat doing?

4/16 A close up of a witch

What's this witch grimacing at?

5/16 A screw sticking out of a white mark

Can you guess what monster this is?

6/16 A skeleton joint

What part of a spooky skeleton are we looking at here?

7/16 A smiling pug wearing a cape

What is this pug dressed up as?

8/16 Fangs with blood on them

What terrifying monster is this?

9/16 A pumpkin

Can you guess what this pumpkin is doing?

10/16 A white goose with an orange beak

What's scary about this goose?

11/16 A spooky looking hand coming out of the earth

Who does this hand belong to?

12/16 A white stringy looking mound with a splash of red

Which monster might live in this cold, mountainous area?

13/16 A bandaged hand with a few fingers missing

What kind of monster is this?

14/16 An arrow pointing to a made bed

What's underneath the bed?

15/16 A black witches hat

Who wears a hat like this?


What's the traditional name for this type of ghost?

Oh dear... zombie judge doesn't think much of that score...

Nice try! But our zombie judges think you could do better...

Good job! Our zombie judges are pretty impressed - and that's saying something.

High score! What a spook-tacular result!