The Ultimate iCarly Quiz

How much do you know about iCarly? Find out with our mega trivia quiz!

What kind of socks does Socko make for Spencer?

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What's the name of the building's doorman?

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Who is always annoying Freddie?

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Where does Carly shoot her webcast?

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Who does Carly's dad work for?

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Who is Carly's cameraman?

Where did Spencer study?

Which of these isn't one of the iCarly kids?

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In the episode "iOwe you", what does Sam buy for all of them to play with? 

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What is Spencer's job?

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Which city does Carly live in?

What weapon does Sam sometimes use?

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In "iBust a Thief", what does Spencer win at the arcade?

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How does Gibby lose his rubber head?

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Which band plays on Carly's webcast?

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In "iGot a Hot Room", what object does Spencer make for Carly that ends up burning her room down?

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What does Gibby draw on when he gets nervous?

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Which character briefly goes to juvenile detention?

What is a "beavecoon"?

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In the final episode, where does Carly move to with her Dad?

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