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The Ultimate Jungle Book Quiz

Test your Jungle Book know-how

The Ultimate Jungle Book Quiz

1/8 King Louie

What sort of animal is King Louie?

2/8 Baloo, Mowgli and Bagheera

Who wrote the book that the film is based on?

3/8 The vultures

Who raises Mowgli?

4/8 Kaa the snake

What does Kaa the snake do to Mowgli?

5/8 Baby Elephant

What's the name of the littlest elephant?

6/8 Baloo and Mowgli

What country is the Jungle Book set in?

7/8 King Louie and Mowgli

What is the 'red flower' that King Louie wants so badly?

8/8 Baloo

Finsh the lyrics: 'Look for the bear…?'

Amazing result thumbnail

Amazing! You know this film really well! Have a prickly pear to celebrate!

Well done result

Not bad! You're a big fan of the Jungle Book for sure!

Try again thumbnail

Well, you do know a little bit, but that's just a great excuse to watch the Jungle Book all over again!

Uh oh result

Uh oh! Are you an orangutan pretending to be a human? Never mind, you can always try the quiz again!

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