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The Ultimate Ravenclaw Quiz!

Think you know everything about the Ravenclaw house? Take the test and find out!

OK, let’s see how much you really know about Ravenclaw…

1/20 A magpie

What animal is depicted on the Ravenclaw house badge?

2/20 A colour palette

What are Ravenclaw's house colours?

3/20 A raven

What's the name of the founder of Ravenclaw?

4/20 A Ravenclaw professor

What's the name of this Ravenclaw professor?

5/20 A Ravenclaw ghost

What's the name of the ghost who roams the Ravenclaw common room?

6/20 Ghost with a name tag

What is that ghost's actual name?

7/20 A woman thinking about this answer, while a bird stares from above

True or false: Gilderoy Lockhart is part of the Ravenclaw house

8/20 The sorting hat

Which member of Gryffindor was almost placed in Ravenclaw?

9/20 A man thinking while a raven stares

What characteristics are Ravenclaw students known for?

10/20 A chocolate frog

On her Chocolate Frog card, what is Rowena Ravenclaw described as?

11/20 A teacher with big glasses

What's the name of this Hufflepuff professor who predicted the birth of the Chosen One, Harry Potter?

12/20 Professor Quirrell in a library

What did Quirinus Quirrell teach at Hogwarts?

13/20 Professor Squirrel written on a chalkboard

Who was Quirinus Quirrell loyal to?

14/20 Luna Lovegood's glasses

What role did Luna Lovegood play in Quidditch?

15/20 Draco Malfoy

Who freed Luna from the Malfoy Manor dungeons?

16/20 Patronus

What's Luna's patronus?

17/20 Magical bread

What did Ignatia Wildsmith create?

18/20 A carpenter

Ravenclaw's Garrick Ollivander was famous for making what?

19/20 A potion

Which Ravenclaw excelled in potions?

20/20 Golden snitch

Which position did Jeremy Stretton play in Quidditch?

Oh dear

Oh dear! It's not your day, is it? Are you in Hufflepuff? Have another go. Use a spell if you have to!

Good effort! You know a fair bit about the Ravenclaw lot. Why not have another go and see if you can better your score?

A great display of Ravenclaw knowledge! Why not try again and see if you can get a bigger score?


Amazing! By getting a perfect score, you've shown yourself to be a true Ravenclaw! Well done!

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