The Ultimate School Quiz!

Whether you like school or hate it, you’ll love this school trivia quiz! Let’s see how well you do!

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The oldest school in the world was founded in 597 AD in Canterbury, England - what is it called?

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A school in the Philippines is made entirely of over 9000 recycled what?

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City Montessori School in India has the most students in the world - how many students does it have? 

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How many pupils does the smallest school in the world, in Turin, Italy, have? 

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In certain remote areas of Cambodia, what do children travel to school on? 

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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In Germany, what animal has the school Kindergarten Die Katze been built to look like? 

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What type of vehicle are many schools in Bangladesh built on? 

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In most Japanese schools, what do children have to do before they can go home at the end of each day? 

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What game do children under the age of 6 in Armenia all have to learn as part of the curriculum?

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What makes Abo Elementary school in New Mexico unusual? 

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