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The Ultimate Stormzy Quiz!

Put your Stormzy skills to the test in our grimy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2018

1/6 Stormzy has made loads of music with lots of different people. But who hasn't he made a song with?


Stormzy is clearly a clever guy, but what did he get in his GCSE's?

@Stormzy1 | Twitter

Who is Stormzy's best friend?

Twitter | @Stomzy1

Which of these is one of Stormzy's nicknames?


Stormzy has worked with Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba. What else is Pogba famous for?


Complete the Stormzy lyrics:Man try say he's better than meTell my man...

Uh-oh. Someone needs to swot up on your Stormzy facts!

You've done ok. You could do with some extra Stormzy training though, have another go!

Nice work! You're clearly a big fan!

Perfect! Stormzy is very pleased!