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Stormzy: Everything you Wanted to Know!

Shut up! Your guide to the UK grime star: his new songs and album, lyrics, his family, his football friends and more!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  January 26th 2018

He's the current King Of Grime, he's nice to his mum and he's named after adverse weather conditions.

Well, one of those may not be true (can you guess which?) but if you want to get your Stormzy facts in order, then you need to read on (or you could just take our ultimate Stormy quiz).

Where in London is Stormzy from?

Stormzy is from Croydon in South London


What is Stormzy’s real name?

His real name is Micheal Omari (but we reckon Stormzy sounds way better!)

Okay, I’m starting to get the picture! So how old is Stormzy?

The Shut Up! star is 24 years old - he was born on the 26th of July, 1993

And how tall is Stormzy?

He’s a whopping 6 foot 5 inches!


He sounds like a big deal! So when did Stormzy realise he was born to be a star?

Stormzy was always destined for stardom and started rapping from the age of 11

So how did Stormzy become famous?

The grime star shot to fame thanks to his series on YouTube

And who are Stormzy’s celeb pals?

Stormzy is famously friends with Ed Sheeran and also hangs out with new Dr Who assistant Bradley Walsh, though goodness knows where he finds the time

Surely he must have more celebrity mates than that?

Well, he’s also friends with footie stars, especially Manchester United players Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku

Footie stars? So which team does Stormzy support?

Unsurprisingly, he’s a Man Utd fan! Who’d have guessed?


When he’s not hanging with sporting celebs, what music does Stormzy like?

We all know he’s a big, big grime fan but did you know Stormzy is also into Adele? No, us neither!


Okay, so we know what sounds he likes, but who’s Stormzy’s biggest fan?

His mum, Abigail! Aww!

Usually mums can be embarrassing (I know mine is!). I hope Stormzy's mum is different?!

You could be wrong there! This cute pic was shared online showing Stormzy as a baby alongside his sister.Mums are well known for sharing embarrassing photos when pals come round and we reckon Stormy's mum is no different!


I guess family must be important to him. So does Stormzy have a girlfriend, too?

Stormzy’s girlfriend is Maya Jama. You might have seen her hosting ITV show Cannonball to joining celebs backstage for the Brits 2018 Nominations Launch.


They sound like a cute couple. But I have more important questions to ask! Like what’s Stormzy’s fave food?

The grime legend is partial to a Nando's, cheeky or otherwise.

Let’s hope he doesn’t spill Peri Peri sauce all over his shoes! Which got me thinking - what style trainers and tracksuit does Stormzy wear?

What? You haven’t noticed? The Know Me From rapper rocks Adidas, of course!


Of course! How could I forget? So when he’s not trying on trainers, he’s making music, right? But where does he get his inspiration?

Stormzy’s songs cover a wide range of subjects. From footie to friends to the importance of faith (Stormzy is a Christian), the Croydon-born grime star has a lot to talk about!

Sounds interesting! So when are we going to see a new Stormy album?

Following his 2017 album Gang Signs and Prayer, people have been waiting impatiently for a follow-up - and they might just be lucky! Stormzy recently teased fans with the news a second album is just around the corner and to be honest, we can’t wait!


Woo hoo! That’s music to my ears! But I guess we don’t know who Stormzy will collaborate with yet?

So far, there’s been no news but in the past Stormzy has shared the mic with pals MNEK and Labrinth so we’re hoping to see them back again when the new album is released.

Labrinth? MNEK? Didn't those guys fall out after Stormzy's X factor performance? And while we're at it, what song did Stormzy actually play on The X Factor?

Stormzy got into hot water with his pals after Labrinth replaced MNEK for a performance of Blinded By Your Grace Pt 2. But don't worry, the friends patched things up after Stormzy apologised on Twitter.

I guess I’ll have to be patient for now. But if I can’t hear him, maybe I can see him? When is Stormy doing a UK tour?

Tour dates are thin on the ground at the moment, which hopefully means Stormy is concentrating on the new album instead! But if you really can’t wait, then you can catch him performing live at The Brit Awards alongside… yes, you guessed it, his old pal Ed Sheehan!


I’m going to clear my diary dates in advance! In the meantime, I hear he's really funny! What’s the funniest thing Stormzy has said?

Well, where to start? Seeing as Ed Sheerhan and Stormy are such good pals, how about this response which came after Ed stole the show from Stormzy after the rapper’s album reached number one:“I had the record for the most 1st week streams on a no. 1 album. Was great while it lasted, thanks ed love you”We're glad they're still mates but if you think you know who's actually best, check out Stormy vs Sheeran right here!