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The Ultimate Tobey Maguire Quiz!

Tobey Maguire’s the real deal. Not only is he a super-famous Hollywood actor but he’s also played the role of Marvel’s Spider-Man! What a legend!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2022

So, if you’re ready to find out how much about Tobey Maguire you know, let’s begin our awesomely awesome Ultimate Tobey Maguire Quiz!


What does Tobey Maguire do for a living?


2/10 What country is Tobey Maguire from?


Let’s zoom in… What state does Tobey Maguire come from?


Which Marvel Superhero did Tobey Maguire bring to the big screen?

5/10 A wise dog

With great power, comes great what?


Who was Spider-Man’s girlfriend in the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film?


7/10 What was “Seabiscuit” in the Tobey Maguire film of the same name?


What’s Tobey Maguire’s middle name?


In what film, based on a novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, did Tobey Maguire star?


Which close friend of Tobey Maguire co-starred in the film?

Oh no! You’re not even 50% a Tobey Maguire fan! Tobey Maguire stays hidden in the shadows!

Seabiscuit | Dreamworks | Kennedy, Marshall, Ross, Sindell | Ross

Not bad! You’re about half a Tobey Maguire Fan. Tobey Maguire starts to emerge from the shadows!

EPIC! You’re a Tobey Maguire Superfan! Tobey Maguire is illuminated for your benefit!