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The Ultimate Usain Bolt Quiz

Think you know the world's fastest man? Take this quiz to find out... but be quick!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 2nd 2021

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@usainbolt | instagram

What's Usain Bolt's top speed?


Is that fast enough to outrun a cheetah?


Is it fast enought to outrun an elephant?

@usainbolt | instagram

Bolt has represented Jamaica many times at the Olympics. But where does he live?


How many gold medals does Usain Bolt have?


What kind of things does Usain Bolt eat in a day?

@usainbolt | instagram

What did Usain Bolt say he ate once before winning a gold medal?

@usainbolt | instagram

How does Usain manage to eat junk food sometimes and still stay fit and healthy?

@usainbolt | instagram

What is Bolt's winning move called?

10/15 A slice of pizza running on an athletics track

When did Usain Bolt start running in international competitions?

@usainbolt | instagram

Is Usain Bolt his real name?


Which of these is one of Usain's nicknames?

@usainbolt | instagram

What did Usain and his partner name their daughter?

@usainbolt | instagram

Usain also has a son caled Thunder. True or false?

@adweek | giphy

Which of these hobbies does Usain like best?

@usainbolt | instagram

EEP! Uh oh. Usain's not too pleased with this score. Try again?

Interesting, not bad. Usain's not convinced though - you're going to have to try another quiz. Those are the rules.

@usainbolt | instagram

This is a very cool score - Usain is pretty pleased! But can you beat it on another quiz?

@usainbolt | instagram

Woah! High score! Usain is very impressed - just look at him! Good work!