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20 Question Will I Be Famous Quiz!

Will you? Won't you? Who knows! Wait - you will if you do this quiz! Click here, future celebrity!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 18th 2022

Do you want to be famous? Why? Would you rather be a world-saving scientist or an Emmy-winning popstar? Or then again maybe you don't want to be a celeb - being famous might not be everything it's cracked up to be, you know.

If only there was some way of finding out if you're destined to be famous. It really would save a lot of headaches. Oh, wait! This quiz does that!

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Pick a hobby:


How confident are you?


Are you good at making new friends?


Which of these people do you get on best with?

@mostexpensivest | giphy

Which of these things is most important to you?


How smart are you out of 10?


Pick one:


What do you think would be the best thing about being famous?

@skinnymechocolates | giphy

And the worst thing about being famous?


What would you rather be famous for?


How long do you want to famous for?

@broadcity | giphy

I'd rather be...


Pick one:


Are you good at karaoke?


Do you get embarrassed in public?


Pick a pet:


What's your ideal weekend?


Which of these words best describes you?

@theoffice | giphy

What are you wearing right now?


If you couldn't be famous...what else would you be?

You will definitely be famous!

You will - 100% - be famous. Like, super mega famous. In fact, so famous that it gets a bit annoying with reporters taking photos of you all the time. Unfortunately we can't tell you if you'll be famous for good or bad reasons... you'll have to work that bit out yourself!

You'll be medium famous!

You're destined to become a bit famous. Not really famous, but definitely well-known amongst a fairly big group of people. So not like Arnold Schwazenegger level, but maybe Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. Sound good?

You won't be famous!

Sorry - but you'll never quite catch that big break. This might sound disappointing, but actually it's much better. Being famous is really overrated! There's no privacy, and everyone forgets about you in the end anyway. Nope, you just do you. Also who knows... maybe this quiz is wrong? (Shhh!)

You'll be famous... but in 200 years time

You'll be famous alright... but not for anything you expect. Nope - a small invention or idea you have at some point in you life will eventually go on to change the world, but in the year 2200 - so you'll never get to see it. They'll name all kinds of things after you! Promise! So make sure you write all your ideas down and keep them safe somewhere... because they'll be a big deal in the year 2200!