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Would I Be A Good Celebrity Quiz?

Are you more of a Marcus Rashford or an Elon Musk? Pick a side in this legendary battle of celebrity good vs evil!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 28th 2021

There are all kinds of celebrities out there. There are those who care about their fans and doing the right thing, and then there are… well, then there are other celebrities. What kind would you be?

Answer these questions to find out if you'd be a celeb the world needs, or a celeb we'd love to hate! For more silliness like this, check out our How Cool are You quiz, or these epic Would You Rather Questions!


What would you rather be famous for?


Pick one:


What car would you rather drive?


You get invited to an awards show - and you might even win something! What do you do?

@bafta | giphy

So you're at the awards ceremony - and somebody else won. How do you react?


Where are you going for your next holiday?


Which of these things do you care about the most?

@tonyawards | giphy

Pick a celebrity:


Which of these are you better at?


How modest are you?


A fan of yours sends you a really nice letter. What do you do?


Did you always want to be famous?


What's your favourite thing about being a celebrity?


If you couldn't be a celebrity, what job would you rather have?


Pick an animal:


You're at a big fancy party and someone really boring starts a conversation with you. What do you do?


Oh no! It turns out that boring person was actually the Emir of Qatar! What do you do now?


Thankfully, the Emir of Qatar has a great sense of humour, and he invites you to speak at an evil villain convention on a leaky oil rig he owns. What do you do?


Someone offers you Β£300,000 to advertise a pair of old socks they're selling. What do you do?


Someone's found a video from years ago where you make a really unfunny joke about penguins. What do you do?

You'd be the best celebrity ever!

Is that you, David Attenborough? Might as well be! If you were a celebrity, you'd be the best one yet!

You'd be a pretty good celebrity!

You're not quite David Attenborough level, but you're definitely a decent celeb! Like Ant or Dec maybe - whichever is the better one. Good work!

You're not a very good celebrity!

Oh dear - you're not amazing at this whole celebrity thing. Or maybe you're just misunderstood?

You're a terrible celebrity!

Oh no! You've used your celebrity powers for evil! Boo!