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The YES Quiz!

Turn November into Yes-vember with this hugely positive personality test!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Let's do this, Yes-vemberians!

1/10 A washing up bowl

You've been asked to do the washing up. How do you react?

2/10 A boring film

Your friend treated you to a trip to the cinema but the film was really boring. What do you tell them?

3/10 A teacher in a classroom

Your teacher asks you to do a short presentation on your favourite book. How do you respond?

4/10 A man with a pile of sandwiches

Your family has decided that everyone is going to go for a big walk and you've been asked to decide on what sandwiches you'll take. How do you react to such a task?

5/10 A goalkeeper and a muddy pitch

Your school goalkeeper is off with a cold and the coach has asked you to go in goal. It's a bit muddy, mind. What do you say?

6/10 A fried egg

Your friend's mum has made a fried egg sandwich for lunch – and you really don't like eggs. What will you do?

7/10 A dog in wellies

It's your turn to walk the dog and it's chucking it down. How do you tackle this?


You've been invited to go on a road trip with your friend's family – but their dog lets off ALL the time. How do you respond to the invitation to sit in a fart-filled car?

9/10 A woman with a remote control and popcorn

It's Saturday morning and your plans to watch cartoons has been postponed as you're needed to help with the shopping at the local market. What do you say?

10/10 Teen Titans Go!
Teen Titans Go! | DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation | Cartoon Network

You're at a party and don't really know anyone. Someone asks if you love Teen Titans Go! – so how do you reply?



You're the type of person who is full of beans and positivity! No wonder it's the word you say the most!



You love to try new experiences! And you can probably say 'yes' in lots of different languages...



When it comes to washing up and walking dogs in the rain, we know who'll be up for the challenge!



You're like Jim Carrey on Christmas Eve basically! A total legend in the world of saying 'yes' to stuff!