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The Yukky Oreo Prank

Dish out some fresh-breathed biscuit mischief!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2022

No-one can resist a biscuit, which is what makes this Oreo prank all the better! Grab some Oreo cookies, some toothpaste or squeezy cheese, and find out how to give your friends or family a yucky surprise!  

You will need:

Some Oreo biscuits (or similar - any 'sandwich biscuit' will do)!
Something to scrape out the biscuit filling!
Toothpaste, or squeezy cheese (or anything else you wouldn't want in a biscuit - yuk!)

Step 1

Twist the two sides to open the biscuit (be careful...they break easily!)

Step 2

Scrape out the filling 

Step 3

Squeeze a big dollop of toothpaste (or squeezy cheese) onto one of the sides

Step 4

Replace the other side of the biscuit, squeezing it all back together

Step 5

...and repeat! Once you've pranked all the biscuits, get ready to hand them out to some unsuspecting victims!

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