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10 Tiger Facts For Kids

Check out these ROARSOME tiger facts!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2022

Easy tiger! If you're in dire need of some fierce FANGtastic factoids, then look no further. Should you STILL need further facting, check out these fun facts, find out what kind of big cat you are, or simply test your knowledge with our animal quizzes.  Now brace yourself for some tantalising tiger trivia...  

WARNING: One of these facts is NOT TRUE. See if you can guess which one!

1. Adult tigers can weigh up to 670lbs...

...that's 47 stone! that's the equivalent of 60 bowling balls or 104 Xbox 360s - and yet these magnificent beasts can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Not bad!


2. Tigers are nocturnal

 Of course, tigers do sometimes come out during the daytime- but in general, they prefer to hunt and roam their territory at night.


3. Tiger wee smells like popcorn!

It's true - tiger urine smells exactly like buttered popcorn. So if you find yourself in tiger territory and it smells like a cinema carpet, you should probably get out of there.


4. Tigers don't actually eat frosted cereal flakes

As Grrrrrrrrrrrreat as cereal can be, tigers much prefer meat and are traditionally carnivores. Their diet mainly consists of large-bodied prey such as moose, deer, pigs, cows, horses, buffalo and goats.


5. If you shave a tiger, it will still have stripes!

 We at Beano HQ however, would NOT recommend that you shave a tiger. 


6. Tigers LOVE the water!

 While your typical domestic cat hates it, tigers love water! They enjoying swimming and playing, often for hours at a time. They can swim for exceptionally long distances.


7. The salvia of a tiger is antiseptic

 Despite this fascinating fact, we would advise applying some antiseptic ointment and a band aid to a cut or graze rather than getting a tiger to lick you!


8. Tigers have passports

Most tigers, as well as hunting, are known for their skills in obtaining the necessary papers in order to cross county lines without hindrance. They do this by growling outside the passport office until the required documentation is thrown from the window in fear. 


9. A group of tigers is called a 'streak' or an 'ambush'

 This is a pretty cool collective noun, which we think suits tigers purrrfectly!  


10. When tiger cubs are born, they are blind!

 Newborn tiger cubs can't see anything at all when they are born. They have to try and follow the scent of their mother to survive!