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TikTok News True or False Quiz

Everyone loves TikTok, but you can't trust everything you see on it! We've come up with some crazy stories - some real, some fake, and you have to use your own judgment to try and figure out what's true and what's fake news! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 18th 2021
1/12 Usain Bolt and child
Usain Bolt | Instagram

True or False - Usain Bolt named his children Thunder and Lightning?

2/12 Derpy goat in front of city

True or False - The MP for Wigan is a goat?

3/12 Strawberry with derpy face on dorito background

True or False - Strawberries and cream doritos are a real thing?

4/12 Oreos and derpy sushi on white background

True or False - The latest Tik Tok trend is Oreo sushi?

5/12 Turnip with ears and face on white background

True or False - Eating turnips is bad for your hearing?

6/12 Derpy dog in painting frame on white background

True or False - A priceless German painting has been found in a skip?

7/12 Skittles on yellow background with derpy zebra

True or False - Skittles will be grey from now on?

8/12 Screaming banana on laser background

True or False Bananas are banned in Vietnam?

9/12 Sausage vending machine with arrow

True or False - German's have sausage vending machines?

10/12 Blue tomato with eyes on blue and green background

True or False - Tomatoes are naturally blue, they dye them red?

11/12 Whale and sailor on watery background

True or False - a whale swallowed a fisherman alive?

12/12 Yacht with sick emoji

True or False - Boris Johnson wants to buy the UK a national yacht?

Yes! You can spot a lie a mile off! Well done!

Well done, you know you're truths from your lies!

Not bad, but you could do better! Have another go and see if you spot any more porkies!

Uh oh, did you know they took the word gullible out of the dictionary?! Try again!