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Top 10 Mario Power Ups!

Check out our favourite Mario power ups!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 24th 2016

1. Invincible Mario

When Mario collects a star he becomes invincible. And gets the coolest soundtrack ever!

2. Rock Mario

Rock Mario is savage! All of his clothes become stone and he can turn into a giant boulder!

3. Mega Mario

Who doesn’t like transforming into an unstoppable giant? Answer - no-one!

4. Fire Mario

Lobbing fireballs at those pesky bad guys feels awesome!

5. Propeller Mario

Propeller Mario can fly upwards and he can perform a Drill Spin attack!

6. Cat Mario

Cat Mario isn't just a cool suit - it lets Mario climb up walls!

7. Cloud Mario

Cloud Mario can create his own cloud platforms to stand on!

8. Boo Mario

Boo Mario can turn himself invisible and move through walls!

9. Bee Mario

Bee Mario can fly, land on flowers and climb up honeycomb walls!

10. Ice Mario

This power-up allows Mario to throw balls of ice at enemies

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