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Are you the ultimate stan? Find out with this 10 question quiz that will determine once and for all how well you know the group!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 24th 2023

Are you's ultimate stan? There's only one way to know for sure - by taking this ultimate quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you if you you're their biggest fan! And if you want more, we've got loads of K Pop quizzes here! Why not find out who your Twice bias is? Or maybe you think you can ace this ultimate Rosé quiz! We've even got this awesome quiz to tell you which EXO song you are!

1/10 A member of
Rub a Dum | | TR, Republic, Universal | Hong Jae-hwan

How many member does the band have?

2/10 Map of South East Asia with question marks

Where are they based?

3/10 Rainbow triangle on yellow background with splats

What does the 'Tri' stand for?

4/10 music video
Rub a Dum | | TR, Republic, Universal | Hong Jae-hwan

What was their debut album called?

5/10 Tokyo cityscape with derpy llama

Where was Mire born?

6/10 music video
Would You Run | | TR, Republic, Universal | Oroshi

Who is the leader?

The Bha Bha Song | | TR, Republic, Universal | Lee Seonjin

What year where they formed?

8/10 Beano animals on starry space background

What is Hyunbin's starsign?

Rub a Dum | | TR, Republic, Universal | Hong Jae-hwan

Where is Jia from?

10/10 Singer and screaming Beano cat

What is Soeun's English name?

Uh oh result

Uh oh, looks like you don't know anything about, because you got 0/10! Don't despair, you can always have another go!

Try again result

You'll have to do better than that to prove your loyalty! Try again and see if you can score better!

Well done result

Well done! You're clearly a big fan, and it shows! But can you get 10/10 next time? We bet you can!

Amazing result

Incredible! You must be's number one stan, because you got 10/10! You should be proud, you obviously love them!

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