Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Inel Tomlinson?

Think you know everything about this comedian, TV host and general all round gamer legend? Take this quiz and find out!

Good luck!


Let's start with an astrology question. What star sign is Inel?

Image by JohnnyandInel | Twitter

What was the name of Inel and Johnny’s first Edinburgh Fringe festival comedy show?

Image by CBBC

How many episodes of The Johnny and Inel show were there?

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What was the name of Inel’s annoying news reporter character?

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In the sketch Gamer Geeks, what was the name of their show? 

Totally Random Question

What do you think about the age ratings on computer games?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.
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Inel provides the voice of Rex Dogden in the Cbeebies show, Footy Pups. What position does Rex play?

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Inel has appeared on the show The Dog Ate My Homework twice. In which year did the first of those episodes appear on the TV?

Image by PlayStation

Inel once described PaRappa The Rapper in just two words. What were they?

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True or false? Inel starred in a show called Junior Vets On Call

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In the CBBC Zig & Zag cartoon, what was the name of Inel's character?

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