Fifa Trivia: The Fifa 19 Quiz!

Think you know everything about FIFA 19 Trivia? Take this FIFA 19 quiz and find out!

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What is different about the weather in FIFA 19?

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What's the name of Alex Hunter's professional footballer granddad?

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FIFA 19 includes the Chinese Super League. True or false? 

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What is the only new Major League Soccer stadium featured in FIFA 19?

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FIFA 19 features Spanish legend Andrés Iniesta’s signature move. What's it called?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to “see” your friends?

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What number is FIFA 19 in the game series?

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Which player joins Cristiano Ronaldo on the Champions Edition cover of FIFA 19?

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Which game engine does FIFA 19 use?

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Which of the following does not appear as a commentator in FIFA 19?

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The Champions League returned to FIFA for the first time in over how many years?

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