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Turtle Facts

Ten turtley awesome turtle facts!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Would you stick your neck out for a turtle? I would. They're turtley awesome. And these facts about turtles will leave you shell shocked!

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1. Jelly for breakfast, lunch and tea!

Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles love to eat jellyfish!

2. A plastic bag can kill a turtle

Sometimes turtles confuse plastic bags floating in the sea for jellyfish. This can lead to the turtle dying. Think twice before going shopping and bring a reusable bag. 

3. Turtle Neck Problems

Sea turtles can't retract into their shells like other turtles.

4. Turtle boys cooler than turtle girls?

The sex of a baby turtle can be dictated by the temperature of the nest. If it's hotter the eggs will turn into girl turtles. If it's cooler than the eggs will hatch into a boy turtle. Turtle scientists are really worried about global warming. It could mean no more male turtles which means... no more turtles! 

5. Is this fact why they look so wrinkly?

Turtles have been around for ages. They are so ancient that they used to hang out with dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex !

6. As per usual the biggest threat to turtle is... us!

Turtles are threatened by pollution, litter, global warming, and habitat destruction. All caused by... guess who? Humans. 

7. The Unlikely Enemy

Even though turtles are mainly aquatic, Dogs are one of their deadliest predators and can sniff out their nests and eat their eggs. If you're walking along a turtle beach make sure you keep your dog on a lead! Better still, don't ever walk on a turtle beach!

8. Take a deep breath for this fact

 Turtles can hold their breath underwater for FIVE HOURS.

9. Get to the point

Turtles can detect the Earth's magnetic fields and use it navigate the oceans without getting lost. It's like a built in compass!

10. A Letter From The Queen

Turtles can live to a hundred years!