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Epic Addison Rae Quiz

Test your Addison Rae knowledge in this awesome quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Epic Addison Rae Quiz

1/8 Addison Rae
@addisonrae | Youtube

What year was Addison born?

2/8 Addison Rae and James Charles
@addisonrae | Youtube

Which US state is Addison from?

3/8 Addison Rae and friend
@addisonrae | Youtube

Which platform is Addison famous on?

4/8 Addison Rae
@addisonrae | Youtube

Which rapper wrote a song about Addison?

5/8 Addison Rae
@entertainmenttonight | Youtube

How many followers does Addison have?

6/8 Addison Rae and Friend
@addisonrae | Youtube

What are Addison's parents called?

7/8 Addison Rae
@AddisonRae | Youtube

What's the Hype House?

8/8 Addison Rae
@cringetv | Youtube

What is Addison's full name?

Amazing Result
@addisonrae | Youtube

Wow, you're an Addison Rae super fan, well done! Bet you know all her dances. 

Well done result
@addisonrae | Youtube

You clearly love Addison Rae! Nice job! 

Try again result

You've heard of Addison Rae but you don't know much about her! Why not take the quiz again and try and up your score?

Uh oh result

Uh oh, you don't know about Addison Rae at all! Are you sure you're not thinking of Addison Lee, the car hire company?