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Ultimate Cole Sprouse Quiz

Find out how well you know Cole Sprouse

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
Riverdale | Warner Bros, CBS | The CW

When was Cole born?

Riverdale | Warner Bros, CBS | The CW

Who does he play in Riverdale?

The Suite Life of Zac and Cody | ‎It's a Laugh Productions | Disney Channel

Complete the Cole Sprouse show: The Suite Life of...

No Good Nick | Iron Triangle Productions | Netflix

Which one of these hasn’t Cole guest starred in?

Spongebob | United Plankton Pictures | Nickelodeon

What colour eyes does Cole have?


Where was he born?


What’s his twin's name?


Does Cole still have his tonsils? Asking for a friend.

Riverdale | Warner Bros, CBS | The CW

You and Cole are popping out for a bite to eat. What's his favourite food?

Riverdale | Warner Bros, CBS | The CW

You don't even know who he is! Sprouse ain't sharing his frozen custard with you, that's for certain. In fact he's giving you "The Cole Shoulder"

Ok so you're a fan, but you're not a super-fan. At least you now know that Sprouse aren't something you refuse to eat at Christmas.

Maybe you knew Cole had no tonsils? Maybe you're the one who bid for them on EBay? Either way, you are a Cole super-fan. If you met him, I'm sure you'd get on like a Sprouse on fire. (See what I did there?)