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Ultimate IT Quiz Questions!

Know your terabytes from your gigabytes? Or are you a floppy disc? Time to take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 9th 2022

Imagine a world without computer technology... you can't! There'd be no quizzes like this for a start! So how much do you know about gadgets and microchips? Take this quiz and see if you're an IT expert!

1/17 A computer display

What was the first computer that had a colour display?

2/17 USB device gif

What percentage of people are said to plug their USB devices incorrectly during their first attempt?

3/17 How to say PNG

How are you supposed to pronounce the file name PNG?

4/17 Bill Gates and a house
@billgates | Twitter

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates' house was partly designed on a Mac. True or false?

5/17 A special circuit board found in computers

What do you call a computer's main circuit board?

6/17 A man on a laptop

What does I.T. stand for?

7/17 Space film characters surround an old computer

Who created the first modern computer?Β 

8/17 A sign to Silicon Valley

What do the IT companies Microsoft, Apple, HP, Google all have in common?Β 

9/17 A child on a tablet

What is nomophobia?


Firefox and Opera are types of what?

11/17 A woman using a banana as a phone

What percentage of people in the world have never made a phone call?Β 

12/17 A person enjoying a coffee and using their smartphone

What shape was the original design for the iPhone, which was never used?Β 


How much will Facebook pay you if you find a bug in their code?

14/17 Hamster on a wheel

In 1936, Russia built a computer that ran on what?Β 


What language is most used on the internet?

16/17 A butler

This butler is associated with a search engine called Ask. What's his name?

17/17 A laptop

What was the first portable computer?

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