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The Ultimate Megz Mcloughlin Quiz

Think you know this famous Tik Toker? Take this test to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 30th 2023
1/12 Megz and her sister
@megzhanaofficial | instagram

Is Megz on the left or the right in this photo?

2/12 Megz!
@megzhanaofficial | instagram

What is Megz short for?

3/12 Megz and her sister
@millzjo | instagram

What's Megz' sister called?

4/12 A smiling planet Earth

Where are Megz and Milli-Jo from?


5/12 Yep! They're from Liverpool. But where's that?

6/12 A famous phone

When did the Mcloughlin girls get famous?

@megzhanaofficial | instagram

Which member of the McLoughlin family sometimes appears in Megz and Mili's videos?

@itsiconhouse | instagram

Which of these is Megz a member of?

9/12 A woman looks confused at this question

Where does the name McLoughlin come from?

10/12 McLoughlin girls looks disgusted with junk food
McLoughlin Girls

Megz and Mili do food challenges on Youtube. True or false?

11/12 A flying space bull

Megz' birthday is 13th May. What star sign does this make her?

12/12 A spinning bottle
@halsey | giphy

What game did Megz play with her mum in one of her videos?

@megzhanaofficial | Instagram

EEEK! Megz isn't too pleased with score! Try another quiz?

@megzhanaofficial | Instagram

Pretty decent! You can probably do a bit better though - try another quiz?

@megzhanaofficial | Instagram

Good work! You know loads abour Megz! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

@megzhanaofficial | instagram

Yaaaas! Amazing score! You know loads about Megz! Well done! Ok, now - try another of our famous Tik Toker quizzes?