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20 Question Ultimate NCT Quiz!

Could you get 20/20 with these extra tricky K-pop supergroup quiz questions?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

The NCT is a collective of musicians who perform in a handful of different acts and are all stars in the awesome world of K-Pop. But much do you know about them? Why not test the part of your brain which is devoted to Korean pop and find out?

Once you've completed this quiz, why not have a go at this Stray Kids members quiz or find out which member of BTS should be your BFF?

Good luck!

1/20 The members of NCT sitting around a table
@nct | instagram

What does NCT stand for?

2/20 A drum kit illuminated by stage lights

How many members of NCT are there in total?

3/20 Two members of NCT relax with food
@nct | instagram

NCT is split up into different...what?

4/20 The members of NCT pose together for a promotional photo
@nct | instagram

What's the first NCT sub-unit?

5/20 A Vilonious gif
@vilonious | giphy

Complete the title of this song by NCT U: Make A Wish

6/20 Another image related to the group NCT
@nct127 | instagram

What's NCT's second unit called?

7/20 Two members of NCT
@nct_dream | instagram

"We go far boom Diggity" - what comes next?

8/20 A member of NCT
@do0_nct | instagram

Who's this gent?

9/20 A confused robot in a dark garden

Which of these is NOT a song by NCT?

10/20 A fun gif of WayV dancing to a song
@nctsmtown | giphy

What country is WayV based in?

11/20 The lead singer of WayV
@wayvofficial | instagram

Who is the leader of WayV?

12/20 A member of NCT
@wayvofficial | instagram

Which of these is NOT a real member of NCT?

13/20 An armadillo looks at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

There are plans for an NCT-Hollywood. True or false?

14/20 A bunch of oranges

What languages do NCT members speak?

15/20 A gif relating to this NCT question
@nctsmtown | giphy

There isn't actually a fire truck in the music video for Firetruck. True or false?

16/20 A hysterical chicken and a globe

What country is Ten from?

17/20 A man blows bubblegum
@nct | youtube

What song is this?

18/20 Some of the NCT crew in front of big buffet of food
@nct127 | instagram

What language is Loveholic in?

19/20 A pic of NCT Dream
@nct_dream | instagram

Which one of these people is NOT in NCT Dream?

20/20 A sub group of NCT performing in a music clip
@nctsmtown | giphy

Which sub-group of NCT released Work It?

Result: Never mind
@nct_dream | instagram

Uh oh! You got somewhere between 0% and 24%! That's nowhere near 100%! Have another go?

Result: Oh. OK!
@nct_dream | instagram

25-50%. Not too bad - but could be better! Try a different K-pop quiz?

Result: Nice
@nct_dream | instagram

Over 50%, but under 75%! Good work - this quiz was really tricky! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Result: Yess!
@nct_dream | instagram

High score! You're in the top 25%! Amazing work, you must be a real NCT superfan!