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Which Stray Kids Member Are You?

Find out which member of Stray Kids you’re most like by answering 12 simple questions!

You may have spent hours wondering which member of Seoul K-pop squad Stray Kids you’re most like. We’ve created a special quiz which takes out all of the guess work and gives you a scientific result which leaves no room for doubt.

Are you ready to find out which Stray Kid you’re similar too? Let’s go!

1/12 Stray Kids posing for a photo on a roof
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

How would your friends describe you?

2/12 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

How would you describe your style?

3/12 A person pointing at musical notes on a screen

What is your greatest talent?

4/12 A man wagging his finger to say no
@youblewit | Giphy

What do you always avoid?

5/12 A person snacking on popcorn

What's your favourite snack?

6/12 A burst of colour

What's your favourite colour?

7/12 A person in a dinosaur mask

What music do you normally choose for a playlist?

8/12 Two massive brains

What's your favourite lesson at school?

9/12 Two dogs in a pile of leaves

What's your favourite animal?

10/12 Pizza or gaming

You've got the day to yourself. What do you want to do?

11/12 A pizza with a bad attitude

What toppings are on the ultimate pizza?

12/12 A family watching Brainchild on Netflix
Brainchild | Atomic Entertainment | Netflix

What's the best Netflix show ?

Han Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

You are: Han!

You can rap, you can sing and your friends call you Squirrel for some reason!!

Felix Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

You are: Felix!

You're stylish, talented and always up for a selfie!

Changbin Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

You are: Changbin!

You're fun to be around and very creative when it comes to making excellent K-pop classics!

Seungmin Stray Kids
@straykids_official_jp | Instagram

You are: Seungmin!

You love music, can belt out a tune and have a positive approach to everything!

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