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Ultimate Simon Cowell Quiz

How much do you know about the music mogul?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Ultimate Simon Cowell Quiz

1/10 Simon Cowell and friends
@SimonCowell | Twitter

What's the name of Simon Cowell's record label?

2/10 Simon Cowell with a red nose
@SimonCowell | Twitter

Which TV show first made Simon famous?

3/10 Simon Cowell and stormtroopers
@SimonCowell | Twitter

Where is Simon from?

4/10 Simon Cowell and Little Mix
@SimonCowell | Twitter

True or False - Simon is a vegetarian?

5/10 Simon Cowell and friend
@SimonCowell | Twitter

Which animated film has Simon made a cameo in?

6/10 Simon Cowell and Dogs
@SimonCowell | Twitter

What's Simon best known for?

7/10 Simon Cowell with Ant and Dec
@SimonCowell | Twitter

What prestigious award does Simon have?

8/10 Simon Cowell with BGT judges
@SimonCowell | Twitter

What is Simon's autobiography called?

9/10 Simon Cowell with AGT judges
@SimonCowell | Twitter

Simon was on a gameshow in 1990 - what did he win?

10/10 Simon Cowell and family
@SimonCowell | Twitter

When Simon was 12 he got arrested for doing what?

You star result

Woah, well done! You're a Simon Cowell expert! Simon's very impressed!

Well done result

Nice one, you've been watching lots of BGT and X Factor!

Try again result

Hmm, you're not the biggest Simon Cowell expert, doesn't look like you're going through to the next round! Try again!

Awful result

You don't know much about Simon Cowell at all! He's not impressed. A great excuse to go and watch all his shows again!