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Ultimate Undertale AU Quiz

Are you an Undertale super fan? Really? Test your dungeon skills with this epic game quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

What does the AU in Undertale AU mean?

Undertale | Toby Fox

What is a switch-up AU?

Undertoad | lucaspucas

A crossover AU is when two universes or story lines are combined into a new game. True or false?

Undertoad | lucaspucas

The crossover game Undertoad is a mix of Mario and Undertale. Who do you play as in Undertoad?

Tubertale | ThatGuyWithTheGibus / Pixelcrusher

The AU Tubertale is a mix of Undertale and what else?


Can an alternate universe have it's own alternate universe?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Which of these is NOT an Undertale AU?

Underpants | Sr Pelo | Youtube

Undertale AU's are always comedy ones. True or false?

Underswap | p0pcornPr1nce

In Underswap, all the usual characters are swapped around. Who do you play as in Underswap?

Undertale | Toby Fox via Giphy

Can you guess what kind of AU Town of Robloxia is?

Undertoad | lucaspucas

Uh oh! Have you played Undertale before? Have another go!

Undertoad | lucaspucas

Not too bad - but you can do better! Try another quiz?

Undertoad | lucaspucas

Good job! You know your stuff!

Undertoad | lucaspucas

Amazing! High score! You're an Undertale AU fiend!