Ultimate Undertale AU Quiz

Are you an Undertale super fan? Really? Test your dungeon skills with this epic game quiz!


What does the AU in Undertale AU mean?

Image by Undertale | Toby Fox

What is a switch-up AU?

Image by Undertoad | lucaspucas

A crossover AU is when two universes or story lines are combined into a new game. True or false?

Image by Undertoad | lucaspucas

The crossover game Undertoad is a mix of Mario and Undertale. Who do you play as in Undertoad?

Image by Tubertale | ThatGuyWithTheGibus / Pixelcrusher

The AU Tubertale is a mix of Undertale and what else?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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Can an alternate universe have it's own alternate universe?

Image by Undertale | Toby Fox

Which of these is NOT an Undertale AU?

Image by Underpants | Sr Pelo | Youtube

Undertale AU's are always comedy ones. True or false?

Image by Underswap | p0pcornPr1nce

In Underswap, all the usual characters are swapped around. Who do you play as in Underswap?

Image by Undertale | Toby Fox via Giphy

Can you guess what kind of AU Town of Robloxia is?

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