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11 Question Unusual Kitchen Utensils Quiz

Do you know your sieve from your fish slice? Or where forks REALLY come from? Test yourself with this surprisingly interesting kitchen quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 13th 2021

It's a subject nobody knew it was worth writing a quiz about - kitchen utensils! But you might find that those pointy things you eat with are more interesting than you thought...

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What's a spork?


Which one has bigger holes?


Which of these is NOT a real word for a cake server?


A fish slice is a type of... what?

@tlc_network | giphy

How much of the world use chopsticks every day?


There is a museum of what kind of utensil in New Jersey, USA?


Which of these these things should you NOT do with a cast iron pan?


Forks were invented thousands of years ago in China, but they gave up on them because they didn't work as well as chopsticks. True or false?


What is this thing used for?

@masterchefau | giphy

Finish this sentence! Pressure cookers ___.


Which of these is a real type of rolling pin?

Oh dear! Never mind. Shall we try another quiz? Maybe a less utensil-y one?

Pretty good! This fish slice doesn't seem too impressed though, so maybe have another go?

Good job! This fish slice seems pretty pleased! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Amazing! You know loads abot kitchen utensils! Great work!