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Video: Satisfying Stationery!

Watch all the cool stuff you can do with pens, pencil and melty crayons!

As the end of the summer holiday approaches, that means it’ll almost be time for school!

Before you start booing at the screen, it means that the new school year is the perfect excuse to get some awesome new stationery

To most people, that just means pens, pencils and rulers, but this video will show you there’s more to stationery than scribbling on a bit of paper. 

Find out how you can make blam rainbow writing or what you can do with a pencil point, a steady hand and a tiny sculpting tool. 

Or you could stare in wonder at what happens when you run your finger across a neatly ordered tin of colouring pencils or a sequins-covered notepad. 

See how creative you can get with some melting crayons or simply watch the hypnotic power of a spirograph!

After this video, you’ll be wondering why school can’t start already instead of having an awesome summer holiday. Maybe.