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15 Fun & Interesting Walt Disney History Facts

How many of these cool facts about the history of Disney do you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

How many of these cool facts about the history of Disney do you know?

  1. Snow White was Walt Disney's first full length animated film

It was released in 1937 and was 83 minutes long, which is pretty short by today's standards! It also won Best Musical Score, but not Best Animated Feature, because that category didn't exist yet!

2. Disney was founded in 1923

Walt Disney had been drawing and making animations for a few years and wanted to see what he could do. He went to Hollywood and the rest is history!

3. Disney Land opened in 1955

It opened in California and only cost $2.50 entrance!

4. Mickey Mouse's first appeared in 1928 in the short 'Plane Crazy'

In the film Mickey is trying to fly a plane, but gets into all sorts of trouble

5. Disney was given seven tiny Oscars for Snow White

Each tiny statue was meant to represent each of the seven dwarfs

6. The period of 1989 to 1999 is called the 'Disney Renaissance'

This period saw a huge boom in popular Disney musical films which won lots of awards, including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King and the Little Mermaid

7. Donald Duck first appeared in a 1934 cartoon called 'The Wise Little Hen'

In the cartoon, Donald dances to a sailor's hornpipe!

8. Mary Poppins was the first Disney film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar

Before then children's films weren't considered serious enough for the Best Picture Oscars. It didn't win Best Picture, but it did win 5 others!

9. Disneyland Tokyo opened in 1983

Disneyland Tokyo is one of the most popular Disneylands, and it's popular for adults to dress up!

10. Mickey Mouse wasn't the only cartoon animal Disney created

There was another animal that Walt Disney created, called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was a guessed it, a rabbit. Sadly Oswald didn't last as long as Mickey, and most people don't know about him!

11. The first Technicolour cartoon was by Disney, and it was called 'Flowers and Trees'

The animation features dancing trees and flowers, and is a bit weird by today's standards, but at the time it was hugely exciting!

12. Disney made propaganda films during WW2

During the Second World War, animators were encouraged to make films that made Americans feel patriotic and confident in the war effort. This saw Mickey and Donald in some very strange situations!

13. The last hand-drawn Disney movie was 'Winnie the Pooh' in 2011

Since then, Disney's films have been digitally animated, such as Frozen, Zootopia and Moana

14. Dumbo is Disney's shortest feature film - it's only 64 minutes long

Some of the people at the company were worried it was too short, but Walt Disney said he didn't want to make it too long and ruin it!

15. Disney was founded by two brothers

Today most people know about Walt Disney, but less well known is his brother Roy, who was the Co-founder of the company.